Disrupt The Racist ETO!

So the English Touring Opera (ETO) has dropped half of its orchestral players in a push for diversity


Getting rid of blameless members of your work-force because they happen to be white…

The opera company has said it’s prioritising “increased diversity in the orchestra” in line with “firm guidance of the Arts Council.

…sounds like what could happen under Mugabe in what was once, in happier times, Rhodesia.

But we’re not reading about Zimbabwe.

This rancid racist purge has just taken place in the United Kingdom!

Surely this woke villainy has to be the last straw…


…if the Johnson Government has even a single vertebra amongst its Cabinet Ministers.

If the ETO scum get their money from the Arts Council, which has distanced itself from the purge, then why has the Arts Council said only that…

We are now in conversation with ETO to ensure no funding criteria have been breached.”

Nothing about instantly cutting off access to the the public purse…


….kicking their dirty snouts off the tax-trough, unless the ETO warthogs mend their ways and reinstate their white victims?

Frankly, it’s those swine who run the ETO that should be sacked…



…or, on reflection, the lousy outfit has made itself so disreputable by its behaviour, better perhaps that it be wound up.

But let’s not assume that will happen.

At the moment it seems some of their musical programme is online, but some of it isn’t.




If the ETO ignore the uproar and take their viciously varietised troupe on tour, patriots should show up wherever they go and (non-violently) disrupt their performances.

Far be it from me to suggest the best means of doing so, but tin whistles…



…stink bombs and hearty British barracking could all be considered.

Meanwhile, inundate them with your comments. You could have some fun and ask for an audition!

Make sure you disguise your accent!

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Telephone: 020 7833 2555

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