Schön Glück, AfD!

Best of luck to the AfD, Germany’s patriot party, as polling day looms.

Apart from being the only party prepared to tackle the crimmigrant crisis…




…the AfD has sensible policies on free speech, which is very much under threat…

Criticise CrimmigrantsJail-Threat In Mama Stasi’s Reich! 

…and the state media, which is bitterly biased….

Climate Truants – DW’s Biased Old Bat Adores Po-Faced Brat! 

media bias

After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias! 

DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest!

…and, it’s worth mentioning, the arts…

Even Fair-Play Pinko Couldn’t Thwart Leipzig Left Censors! 

Will ‘Arts’ Parasite Snouts Be Slapped Off Tax Trough? 

… which, in and of themselves, are indeed a matter of taste, but which have become totally parasitical, leeching public money on a colossal scale.

The grubby ‘arts’ clique add insult to this funding insult by being grossly political, leftists extraordinaire.

We have, however, looked at all this before.

Enough for today, and for tomorrow, again….

Schön Glück, AfD!