‘Hate-Crime’ Hogwash Spreads To Ulster!

He instigated hate crime within our community by just asking why there were no white people on a programme,” said Ms Seenoi-Barr.

Has this whiner no notion of irony, to bleat thus?



We all know how just about everything these days is subjected to PC/BLM scrutiny to make sure it’s “inclusive!”

Hell mend you if don’t have a dark person skilfully inserted in a line-up!

Obviously, the target of this whiner, who is involved in a local ethnic busy-body clique…



….Mr Gregory Campbell MP, did find it offensive earlier this year, when the ever ‘inclusive’ UK Pravda excluded white folks from its already politicised “Songs of Praise…’

– remember this?


… but he should not have been surprised.

BBC and their ilk are only alert to sinful racism when it cuts one way.

Gregory Campbell…

(we’ve heard of him before! Ulster’s Terrorist Republican Minority – A Joke Begets a DEATH THREAT! )



….is entirely justified in what he said then, and in his response last week.

It does a disservice to this committee and witnesses who come before it to assert that someone was engaged in hate crime who has been has been the victim of hate crime over many, many years.”


Too true.

There are real haters around ‘across the water,’ Sinn Fein for example….



….unrepentant still in regard to their political wing’s ethnic cleansing terror war.

Indeed, their scumbag supporters continue to bray a racist slogan, ‘Brits Out! ‘