The Madness Of Keir Starmer!

Thou Shalt Not Speak The Truth!


Asked about the row, Sir Keir said claiming only women have cervixes was “something that shouldn’t be said..”.

This eagerness to suppress truth is alarming, given that Starmer is a former Director of Public Prosecutions…


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When a party leader reveals he has –

A – either lost all grasp of reality… or

B – sold his soul to appease freaks

Then he needs to be retired.

But so deeply saturated is British public discourse with gaystapo poison that any new Labour leader would be just as cowardly, and..



…make statements just as heinously dishonest as Starmer’s.

And as for the Tories?

..Health Secretary Sajid Javid attacked the Labour leader, saying his remarks were a “total denial of scientific fact”.

True, of course!

But, presumably with Javid’s knowledge and at least acquiescence, Jellyfish Johnson is hard at work, pushing through the degenerate agenda…

Queers Day Question – Will Bojo Copy Turdo’s Freak ‘Ban Plan?’ 

…which we wrote about months ago, living up to that vile woman’s left-liberal legacy.

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The Conservative Party, like Labour, is steeped in evil.