Priti Useless Lets Fakers Guzzle On Regardless!

The readiness of Labour to disregard plain truth is appalling…

The Madness Of Keir Starmer

…but hardly unique to Comrade Keir’s party.

Look at how the Tories handle crimmigrant fakers!

More than 4,500 migrants who reached the UK this year have been flagged as having “inadmissible” asylum claims but have not been deported by the Home Office.

In other words, the sob-stories spun by these undesirables…

…were so threadbare that even Home Office klutzes, given to swallowing and spreading any BS brought ashore from Channel bludger-boats….

….could not find an excuse legitimately to afford them access to the tax-trough.



And yet there they anyway, still guzzling!

Maybe in a nice hotel near you!

Priti Patel is WORSE than useless!