If So, Micheal, Muzzle Expansionist Mutts!

Here’s what Micheal Martin told the Dail.

“I think there is a route to getting this resolved. What’s extremely important is that people do not do anything that will only further destabilise the situation.”



Fine Fail leader Micheal Martin.


That was reportedly his response to the welcome joint declaration by leaders of four unionist parties opposed to Bojo’s sell-out protocol.

If Eire’s prime minister really wants to help, he could break with Eire’s long-standing aggressive policy of seeking to turn a geographical expression…


Irish postage stamp denominated two pence showing a green outline map of the island of Ireland with the Gaelic words Éire for Ireland and dá pingin for two pence

….into an illogical political unification of two distinct nations with only a sovereign frontier in common.

Abandon the offensive aspiration of ‘Irish Unity.

More immediately, he should apologise for his own unwarranted intrusions….Chuck It, Chew-Sack! Ulster Should Protest Martin’s Pandering To Scum!

…..AND he could issue a pipe-down demand, urging silence on the part of all those objectionable klutzes who have been devising devious means of seducing….

Dublin’s Blabbering Pundits Need To Shut Up! 

Detached From Reality, Eire’s Dreams Fester!

…or coercing Ulster’s British people into exchanging what a more poetic pen than mine once called the Blue Skies of Freedom for the Grey Mists of an Irish Republic.