BBC, Boosting Anti-Polish Shamnesty

Poland is pushing back migrants in contravention of its international obligations…’

That was the opening line on BBC World News today, their segment on the crimmigrant crisis in Eastern Europe.

It was 12.15pm when UK Pravda’s brunette hackette spoke thus…



…as if it were a statement of fact.

But then, belatedly, she added – with a completely straight face –

According to Amnesty International...’

So a vicious attack on the sovereign government of a gallant ally….



….is blared out, on the strength of press release ftom a shrill far-left ‘NGO?’

Might it not have been better balance to compose the brunette hackette’s script as follows.

A spokesperson unelected by anyone except her comrades in an NGO known for its hostility to free speech has made serious accusations against Polish border guards facing massive illegal alien incursions’

Fair and Balanced?

Maybe not, but neither was the BBC’s sleazy presentation! !

We have already discussed the brave Poles’ admirable efforts to keep crimmigrants out.

Wise Pole Refuses Red Witch’s Call

Amnesty is on the intruders’ side, not on the side of the country these swine are trying to gate-crash.

If you dislike what the Amnesty asses are braying on the subject, here’s the woman we got to hear on the BBC.

Eve Geddie

…and here’s how to reach her, to tell her off.
Tel: +32-2-5482766

. .

A few talking points, if you need them!