‘Djakarta 1966’ – Complex Film, Lovely Scenes!

While the film I watched earlier this week was fairly easy to follow…

G30/PKI? Today’s Marxist Threat Is CRT! 

….especially since it had English text to turn to, last night we had a much more complicated movie….


Poster Film Djakarta 1966

…but I watched it anyway.

It’s the story of the aftermath of the attempted 1965  Red take-over of Indonesia…


…how President Soekarno was eased out of power and effectively exiled to his palace in Bogor, outside Jakarta.


Sukarno ( many spellings were changed – like Dj/Jakarta)


He had tied himself too closely to the treasonous PKI, so despite his popularity (for his role in the struggle against the Dutch) the serious anti-communists figured he’d have to go.
Unless you’re fascinated by modern history, you’d maybe not sit in thrall throughout the film. But it was SO refreshing…

Funds for Demo


….to see huge crowds of young people demanding that the red PKI vermin be put down.

Patriotic young people, both Muslim and Christian! 

If only young people, in the West, today, had such a smart grasp of how wicked marxism is 

The scenes of ‘old’ Jakarta, much of which was still around when I moved here a little over two decades ago, were also enjoyable…


Some areas still haven’t changed!


….and though many can fairly say a lot of freedoms were lost back then –


Suharto was no softy!


– it does seem to have been in other ways a country very much at ease.

For one thing, just about all the women and girls to be seen had nothing covering their lovely black hair.

Clearly 1982, when the movie was made, was relatively unsullied by the drab Arabisation that has spread relentlessly in recent years.