Update – BBC’s Intensifying Queer Obsession!

Heck, I wanted to see what the BBC World News might be offering in terms of fair and balanced reporting…


..only to catch another queer special, about the impact of AIDS years ago, with some poofter reminiscing about how mean the media had been…



…for daring to suggest that buggery could kill its practitioners.

That was UK Pravda’s Friday treat

A reminder of healthier times, more honest reporting.

There was yet another plug for perversion on BBC World News, last month, under the guise of ‘Strictly Come Dancing,’ a programme I would never watch anyway.

Yet I was further put off when that nasty hag Victoria Derbyshire..

BBC, VD, ‘Ignorant Things!’ UK Pravda’s Ageism Exposed!

…invited a former ‘star,’ a Dr. Ranj Singh, to relish its return.

Prodded along by The Hag, this strange man launched into a pro-homo diatribe, how an-all queer line-up would show maladjusts ‘that they matter.’

Frankly, I can’t imagine anything more off-putting.

But the BBC’s determination to rub viewers’ noses in squalid sexual aberration just gets worse and worse.

When I spent some years in the UK, we used to have a funny show called ‘Are You Bring Served?’




….about some people who worked in a big store.

One was obviously queer as a coot, who would lead customers off to the counter they wanted, saying ‘Walk This Way,’ merrily mincing ahead of them.

Always funny, but now no doubt banned.

Meanwhile, even The Times has noticed what’s wrong at UK Pravda.

Read their article about the BBC’s links with ‘Stonewall!’



We have noticed Stonewall in the recent past, while commenting on Jellyfish Johnson’s eagerness to appease aberrants…


Queers Day Question – Will Bojo Copy Turdo’s Freak ‘Ban Plan?’ 

….and on other aspects of BBC’s pro-perversion attitudes….

Sackur’s Sordid Pro-Pervert Bias! 

….and for sure it is a noxious cluster of militant maladjusts.

If anything, Jawad Iqbal’s article isn’t tough enough on what they get up to.

Defunding the BBC is the only way to stop their rabid antics.