YouTube Witch Dumps Dissent Into Cauldron

Hardly had You Tube stomped free sppech that Back-Stab Biden doesn’t like…

You Tube Bullies Face Fightback – Putin OK!

..but in a nauseating kneel-creep perversion of the ‘fair and balanced’ principle…

…that anti-social outfit’s Wicked Witch Wojcicki has done Moscow’s bidding by stomping dissident Navalny’s content.

YouTube’s CEO says free speech is a ‘core value’ even after removing videos by Putin critic Alexey Navalny

youtube ceo Susan Wojcicki


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki… 


hasinsisted the company remained committed to the ‘core value’ of free speech..

So these creeps jump through every censorious hoop that the left in-crowd holds out in the West…



…then cower from Vlad The Insistent in Moscow, but still dare prattle about ‘free speech?’

What a cauldron of hypocrisy.