October 4th, World Animal Day!

Okay, here he is, Tigi, displaying affection surely far above and beyond.


  • =

  • He has a twin brother, Kelly, not an identical twin but near enough that if I don’t look carefully, I can mistake one for the other.

Thus today, one photo of one twin is sufficient.

Their names represent the order of their arrival into this world.

Tiga was the third, ketiga, and Kelly was the fifth, kelima, which makes it almost superfluous to add that their siblings have not survived.

Two of them didn’t last very long at all, while Patti, keempat, the fourth, was doing okay until she chose to disregard road safety rules.

The surviving twosome have both proven good company during the dull and dreary absence of social life…



…imposed by the Chinese Virus..


So on this World Animal Day…

World Animal Festival - Animal Planet

…I honour them with this blog-post.