Reform UK – Not Weaselling, But Wobbling?

No wish to rush to judgement, but I do wonder if Reform UK leader Richard Tice..

Richard Tice campaigning in London in May 2018.jpg

…should reconsider his words uttered this week, as his new party’s conference got under way.

Yes, we get irritated by what we call the woke stuff, and I think it does irritate millions of people,” Tice said.

‘irritate’ is altogether too weak a way of describing what millions think about the witch-hunting wars on free speech….

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…transformation of education into indoctrination…

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…and the exaltation of sexual aberration…

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… which Boris Jellyfish Johnson thinks is ‘okay! ‘


It’s all very well for Mr. Tice to say-

But what affects people’s daily lives are the policies I’ve talked about, and the election will be fought on those things….’

… as if truth and liberty are mere side-shows.

But they’re not!

They are the stuff of which crusades are made.

Scoring petty points on levels of income tax, or devolution, or town planning policy, all very well, indeed – a party must have something to say about everything, but REAL reform?


Power to the people!

If we want to extirpate the verminous elites, far better if Reform UK promises referenda on every issue of principle.

Then they could be on a winner.