Really, Fadli? Indonesia’s Anti-Terror Unit ‘Islamophobic?’

It’s been a while since we took note of any words of wisdom issuing from Fadli Zon.

And he can usually be counted on to say something remarkable, as when he came out with this shocker! 

“I strongly believe that the supporters of Habib Rizieq love peace…

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You may recall that the supporters of Habib Rizieq, the recently banned sectarian vigilante gang that called themselves the ‘Islam Defenders Front,’ were NOT noted for loving peace.

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Rizieq’s son-in-law presumably qualifies as a ‘supporter.’

The FPI include many cowards, certainly.…

fpi skulk in mosque

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..but mob-handed, they could be as brave as…

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..what, hyenas?

But back to  Fadli!

He’s a legislator, a well-known figure in Indonesia’s Gerindra Party, well-travelled…


Hasil gambar untuk fadli zon trump candidate


…at ease with the great and good.

But how about his latest outburst?

Fadli Zon said that the Special Detachment or Densus 88 Anti-terror Police should be disbanded.

Good grief!


Densus88 have been doing a splendid job…

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…for which we have often praised them.

And for which they have in the past caught criticism…

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…but not from anyone you or I would rate highly.

But this week..

Fadli Zon commented on the statement by the Director of Anti-terror Detachment 88 of the National Police, Kombes M Rosidi, who said that the Taliban had inspired terrorist groups in Indonesia.

Back-Stab Biden’s disastrous pull-out from Afghanistan, where the Taliban, pig-ignorant sectarian savages, are now eagerly oppressing women ( and men, but the absurd sexist apartheid is somehow especially offensive) has probably inspired jihadist terrorists everywhere.

The sight of those primitive brutes, sporting fire-arms and revolting unkempt beards…

(which are NOT a religious requirement – most Muslim men in Indonesia are unbearded – like Fadli!)

…swaggering around Kabul?

Certainly the Taliban’s inspiring terrorists, as Pak Rosidi said.

So why is Fadli troubled by that truth?

Well, while he admitted that ‘acts of terrorism must be eradicated….’

..Fadli continued –

This kind of narrative will no longer be trusted by the people – it smells Islamophobic….”



Indonesia is about 90% Muslim!

It’s very probable that Densus is similarly composed.

It’s very probable that Pak Rosidi’s initial ‘M’ indicates his religious affiliation.

In what alternative universe can these realities be construed as ‘Islamophobic?’

But we’re not done yet!

Because Fadly thinks that – is better if Detachment 88 is disbanded... ‘

Scary, yes?

This man isn’t some obscure nonentity but a big noise in Indonesian politics!


I doubt if Fadly will get his wish.

The best way to ‘eradicate acts of terrorism’ is surely to get more terrorists eradicated!’



So I hope the heroes if Densus 88 continue doing their righteous work.

But perhaps because of my familiarity with the fight against other evil sectarians..



…it’s hard not to think of the heroism and sacrifice of other brave officers…



…betrayed, their force disbanded to appease the forces of darkness.