Sussex’s Maladjusted, Cowardly Ignoramuses! 

No, nothing to do with Nutmegh or Hopeless Harry!

I’m writing about the pack of degenerates…

…who, if they ARE students at the University of Sussex, should be expelled, not only for their woko witch-hunting…



…against a lady prof who seems to have views that upset freaks, but also for their failure to have learned the difference between “whose” and “who’s !”

I quote –
..the statement claimed to be from “an anonymous, unaffiliated group of queer, trans and non-binary students who will not allow our community to be slandered and harmed by someone who’s [sic] salary comes from our pockets 

To be clear, their intended victim did not, as I would, call them vile aberrants.

Her views are in the rest of the BBC report, and are very mild, as might be expected of an academic lady.

Unusually, perhaps, there’s been an unequivocal message of support for the persecuted professor…

…from the university authorities, and a promise to investigate.

If they are identified, the only appropriate disciplinary action has to be expulsion.



Sussex University would be a cleaner campus without such filth prowling its domain.