That Wretched Rappler Leftist?

After what we said last week…

Soros Funded? Ex CNN? Nobel Choice VERY Predictable?

…one of my commenters was surprised that I’d not previously covered that Rappler woman who just got Nobelled.


As it happens, I did.

In June 2020, I watched Hard Talk, taking notes as usual, intending to post on Sackur’s BBC talk-show….

Stephen Sackur, Journalist & Presenter (17167554681) (cropped).jpg



…but then other stuff overflowed from other drafts!

I never got round to publishing how Sackur dealt with the anti-democratic effluent issuing from his guest, Maria, aka The Rappler Wretch…

Luckily, I have been able to locate the link so you can agree or not with my impressions! 0

BBC World News – HARDtalk, Maria Ressa – Journalist and CEO of Rappler

….a smarmy Filipina facing serious charges in her country, which you may read about via most media.

Just as well Sackur didn’t have her present in his BBC studio.

Her ego is so large there’d have been no room for her host or indeed any furniture either!



Her voice was horribly similar to that of France24’s far-left ‘film critic,’  Comrade Nesselson.


I wonder if they both attended the same trainng course in sibilant condescension?

It was interesting to note that Sackur, who is usually not that tough on leftist vixens…

Hard Talk? Hard To Stomach! BBC’s Sackur Softballs BLM Nasty 

. ..felt obliged to point out the inconsistencies in her self-righteous rabbiting, not least the fact that there’s a wide variety of media critical of President Duterte.

Her response was fairly incoherent, but seemed to be claiming that, yes, hostile media there were, but a ‘fear factor’ existed.

Go figure.

But she really got shown up when Sackur asked why Duterte was so popular.

Oh, that’s just because people don’t know any better! ‘

I paraphrase her response, but not unfairly, because Sackur too detected her meaning.

So democracy…?

Oh, it’s not working as it should…’

The leftist Rappler-Yapper meant that her favoured candidates and causes don’t win, because so many people who disagree with her definition of what are facts and what are lies, can use social media and the internet to mislead the voters! ‘

In other words, until the rotten left mainstream media can suppress dissent from her ideology…

….the world is at risk of…

Guess what…


Yes, she used the F-Word!

Was she truly talking about The Philippines?

Where we have seen plenty of news reports, even on mainstream media…

….about candidates running in the coming democratic presidential election?

A very unpleasant creature.

But then she was a CNN bureau chief..


…before she rose to fame on the back of a fortune invested by sources dependent on somebody even more unpleasant.