Bojo’s ‘Arts’ Woke-Waste Escalates!

I’m sure most readers, like me, won’t have heard of this arrogant woman.


Lubaina Himid with her work Old Boat, New Weather..Lubaina Himid

..who says tax-payers should just hand over cash to all sorts of ‘arts’ bodies but have no say in how it’s spent!

Lubaina Himid, has reportedly, and if I may say so, insolently…

cautioned the government against meddling in the membership of museum and gallery boards..

If I pay a gardener to look after my favourite plants, I don’t expect him to pull ’em up and replace them with ones he thinks nicer.



If I want my kitchen painted red, I would be displeased if I find the painter’s turned it blue!

Maybe other people have trendier tastes but it’s MY money.

And if the government spends my taxes on something, I expect the government to make sure some know-alls don’t get to do as they damn well please..

But reading on, Himid herself’s on the take from the public purse, legally, of course, having just been ‘commissioned by the Government Art Collection to make prints that will hang on the walls of British diplomatic buildings around the world.’

Lucky Old Lubaina, and maybe her drawing skills are grand, though getting a Turner Prize these days is no quarantee.

One hopes her works do represent art, rather than pathetic crap such as

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living – a shark in formaldehyde by Damien Hirst – and My Bed, a dishevelled bed by Tracey Emin

But what’s she been drawing, that’s persuaded Jellyfish Johnson…



…to lash out what’s bound to be a large fortune.

Her print, Old Boat, New Weather, is a powerful, layered work exploring  themes that include slavery, colonial history, forced migration and climate change..


For God’s Sake, what kind of a gutless government has Britain got?

What’s required are paintings of Trafalgar, Waterloo, Rourke’s Drift, The Somme..

….portraits of Clive, Wolfe, powerful representations of British glory.

The Tories have the nerve to call themselves, ‘Conservatives?’