Alien Pig Molests German Girls – NOT Punished!

This popped up on my laptop last night.


I’m not acquainted with Mr. Kalnoky, so, of course, I diligently followed the link to Die Welt, and sure enough, the facts appear to be as stated.

The dirty pig should of course have been sent to an abattoir, along with the other pig involved in the second molestation.

At the very least, they should be castrated and flogged daily for years. 



But frankly, so should the vile creatures who sat in judgement and omitted both justice and natural decency from their decision.

In the absence of any provision for the death penalty in German law, such judge-jerks should be dismissed and never again allowed near a court of law.



And the evil aliens, both of those involved, should be sent back to Afghanistan.

Use this link, with Google Translate if need be.