Freakos V Freedom? ‘Teachers’ Make Their Choice!

We wrote about this just days ago….

Sussex’s Maladjusted, Cowardly Ignoramuses!  

….and now the ‘teachers’ at Sussex University have shown their true colours!

Universities union backs trans rights over threatened Sussex professor Kathleen Stock | News | The Times

Making it very clear they are on the side of freakery as opposed to freedom…



…the UCU’s Sussex branch said that Professor Adam Tickell, the head of the university, had not upheld the dignity and respect of trans students and staff last week when he issued a statement supporting Stock and defending freedom of speech.


These leftist ‘academics’ should be named, shamed and fired.

Tell them so!

If your kids were being taught by the likes of the Sussex Uni UCU membership, wouldn’t you be concerned for their education…

…or indeed their safety, on a campus where the ‘teaching’ staff seems to see nothing wrong with maladjusts prowling the class-rooms?