Shame! Stones Pander To Woke-Whiners!

I have been a fan of the Rolling Stones for VERY many years….



…so am deeply disappointed to read that they have knuckled under…

American single label

Brown Sugar Cancelled! 

….to slimy woko-weasels who slither out of bed each day desperate to be offended by ANYTHING!

People who can actually read are surely obliged to concur with Piers Morgan, who has explained that “Brown Sugar is demonstrably a song aimed at defending and supporting black women, not one that seeks to denigrate them or make light of slavery.. “

Frankly, I expected better of them, or at least of Mick Jagger, who despite youthful excesses…

  • =
  • Mick with Tina Turner! I can remember a Uni Xmas Ball at which my partner’s dusky allure, similar to Tina’s, was celebrated by the DJ playing ‘Brown Sugar’ in her honour!
  • oooooooooo

….always seemed to show –

A – a healthy enthusiasm for women..


B – a capacity for rational thought.

However, I draw some small consolation from Mick’s refusal to rule out the excellent song for future tours.