Stuff Cannes, Watch THIS Film?!

So many movies these days are slanted or sick…

Creeps – “Good Acting” Not Enough To Earn Acting Award! 

…replete with imbecilic ‘celebs’ braying about ‘diversity…’



Can It, Cannes-Lefts!

…so it’s pleasing to report something different.


As the Forces of Darkness seek to replace Orban’s patriot government with a coalition of Euro-collabos, a goal they’ve been working towards for ages…

….and deadbeats spawned by the reds who misruled Hungary for over four decades….

Austria? Hungary? 1989-2019 – Where’s Better? 

…it was interesting to read a BBC report ( surprisingly with little of the Orbanophobic bias – Hard Talk – BBC’s Sackur Shouts At Hungary! – that UK Pravda tends towards) about a new film in that lovely country.

I quote!

The quotation “we screwed up” is taken from a notorious secret speech Mr Gyurcsany made in May 2006, just after the Socialists had won re-election.


The ‘Socialists,’ BTW are the MZSP, the Soviet collabo clique, renamed in a bid to deceive voters.

..Ferenc Gyurcsany was challenged in a TV interview at the time over whether he had been lying

Ferenc Gyurcsany, notorious lying leftist!

To win, he told shocked MPs, “we lied, morning, noon and evening”, in an ugly speech brim-full of expletives.

When the speech was leaked on Hungarian radio in September that year, Mr Gyurcsany refused to resign, triggering large street protests.

The film is Hungary’s first political thriller based on those events, and it is released on 21 October. The English-language version is called The Cost of Deception.

Must try to watch this!

The report goes on to explain a bit about the pre-election manoeuvrings by Hungary’s Enemy Within –

The Democratic Coalition, the party Mr Gyurcsany founded after leaving the Socialists, is a prominent member of the opposition alliance, and his wife, Klara Dobrev, is its candidate for prime minister in primaries due to conclude this month..

If you use the link to read the rest, you’l learn that the wannabe PM, the Dobrev woman…


….is not only ideologically but biologically linked to that red MZSP quisling party we mentioned above.



…,flesh and blood comradeship.