BA Dumps ‘Ladies n Gents’ To Appease Freaks!

I assume those repulsive management berks who replaced their country’s flag 20+ years ago, provoking the righteous wrath of The Iron Lady…



…have long since retired, since the BA fleet now seems to have proper patriotic livery…


British Airways planes

…but how offensive, to every lady and gentleman in the land, that BA has discarded common courtesy to appease transfreaks….

...or, as they put it, to ‘celebrate diversity and inclusion and we are committed to ensuring that all of our customers feel welcome when traveling with us,” said a BA representative.









So no more ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, please have your boarding passes ready.’

Not a big deal how they address their customers?

Perhaps – but is there not a real risk that this sicko change will encourage sexual maladjusts to use BA’s services?


Can you imagine a fate much worse than being stuck on a long-haul flight next to a freako pretend-woman with stubble protruding through its make-up?

Or should there be separate sections for normal and abnormal passengers?

PS – the report refers to other airlnes just as guilty as BA.

It might be worth shopping around.