Better HRH Charles Quit This Leftist 'Charity?'

The more we look into the National Trust, the more the need for reform becomes clear.

For a start, HRH The Prince of Wales ought to consider if it’s prudent that a non-political monarchy…


…is seen to be closely identified with a far-left campaigning cabal.

He might also have thought about his future role as Defender of the Faith..


The Great British Non-Easter Egg Hunt? 

….when they waged their little woke-war on Easter a few years ago, or when they had to be shamed out of their nazi-style…


Brits Can’t Trust The National Trust’s Gaystapo Collabos! 

…pro-homo bully tactics a few years ago.

However, their more recent dissing of British history should have been the last straw.

Dislike Defaming Churchill? You’re ‘Divisive!’

Of course if the organisation is recaptured by decent British patriots…



Contact Restore Trust and help –


….and returns to doing what it was established to do, okay, Royal patronage is acceptable.

But despite the doughty champions of Restore Trust, that is no easy challenge.

I checked on rhe governing structure, and the left cabal’s control is centred in the ‘board of trustees.’


The “Democratic Life Meetings” of the Chinese Communist Party Politburo -  Jamestown

Red China’s Politburo


Maybe better to call it Politburo?

‘..appointed and overseen by a council…’

But incredibly, only 18 out of 36 council members are elected by the members of the Trust!

The other eighteen are appointed by other organisations whose work is related to that of the Trust.

It’s gonna be an uphill struggle! ,