David Amess, Not Merely Good, But Wise!

It wasn’t till I read an extremely good article…

Can we now have an honest discussion about Islamist terrorism?

… about the need to face up to the recurring evil of Islamist terror in Britain……

..that I learned that the name of the ‘British’ man detained after the foul murder of Sir David Amess…


Official portrait of Sir David Amess MP crop 2.jpg

Sir David Amess

….is said to be identical to that of a person referred to ‘Prevent,’ that scheme devised by ‘experts’ to stop ‘radicalisation.’

Update – that name has just been published ‘Ali Harbi Ali… ‘

As to him, we await prosecution, trial, verdict, but…

How many pig-ignorant jihadists has the ‘Prevent’ scheme actually stopped…



….in their descent into rabid sectarian blood-lust?

I have no idea.

A better bet would be internment of anyone…



…proven to have expressed support for satanic notions e.g  – that those who convert to a religion they prefer should be harmed.



Same for the moral blights who think blasphemers should be killed, or even hurt.

And same for those who praise terrorist scum.

The slain MP himself once offered the House of Commons a much better scheme to handle the ‘radicalised.’



A majority of MPs disagreed, nor have they ever allowed the British people to vote on what we should hail as the Amess Option…

… or any variant thereof.

Hanging, electrocution, firing squad, no matter!

 It’s called JUSTICE!

I doubt today’s Commons will behave differently, even after one of their own has newly fallen pray to demonic forces.

The remedy, dear Brits – and dear French, German, Spanish, Dutch etc. – lies in your own hands.

Next time you get your chance to elect legislators, listen to the voice of wisdom from beyond the grave.