Fantastical Fretting In The Ghastly Guardian!

Fantastical fretting in the ghastly Guardian…

…over a perfectly sensible sub-section of some UK legislation.

But first, look at the ‘stated objectives’ of the parliamentary bill

 – .to make the asylum system fairer, deter illegal entry to the UK and remove people with no right to be in the country.

Rather than spend time on the sub-section that’s got all manner of legalice stuck-ups frothing…

…over its common-sense proposal that border force personnel could claim immunity if crimmigrants die while illegally transgressing British territorial waters…


Frankly, the more that don’t make it, the more those wannabe welfare pigs scavenging around French beaches will think twice before embarking!

  • Let’s just ponder that third ‘stated obective,’ viz. –

..remove people with no right to be in the country.

Doesn’t that absolutely take the measure of what’s wrong with Britain today.



If undesirable aliens are IN your country, but have ‘no right’ to BE in your country, then WHY does the government need NEW legislation to ‘remove’ the SOBs?