Aiding And Abetting illegals!

Given the BBC’s own despicable record of aiding and abetting illegal aliens…

Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore! 

.BBC Now BOASTs of Aiding and Abetting Illegals! 

….we should not be, surprised that UK Pravda provides ample coverage for a Polish pinko lawyer ( had to be a lawyer, didn’t it?) who has not only ‘launched a plan to provide support for migrants crossing into the country illegally via Belarus…



…but using Zuckwit’s Facebook to promote his ‘green&light for gate-crashers’ scheme.

This leftist lawyer, Kamil Syller, is literally including green lights in his appeal to get people in border areas to act as crimmigration collabos.

Subversive Syller is urging leftist locals to “switch on a green light to signal that they can provide migrants with food and shelter.’


Perhaps somebody can find time to comment on his Facebook page, where this swine uses English, Polish and Arabic to alert illegals to his scheme.

He himself, we read, resides near the frontier but whines at the government’s efforts to defend Poland…



….against illegal incursions, as steps that will legalise push-back..

Good for the responsible, patriotic government.

However, he seems to grasp that many Poles are unlikely to share his enthusiasm for aiding and abetting undesirable aliens rich enough to fly from the Middle East to Belarus.

Good citizens may well lure refugees and immediately hand them over to the services...

What a grand thought!


Who says ANY of these crimmigrants are ‘refugees?’

Wannable parasites, more like!