German Coalition Embracing ‘Fake-Refugees!’

Talks are progressing, we hear, about a coaliton between the Socialist SPD, the Greens…



…and the allegedly ‘liberal’ Free Democrats.

What do they offer German patriots?

If the alliance is agreed, the new government could reform refugee policy, making it easier for failed asylum-seekers to still build up entitlement to German nationality through several years of work.

So the alien swine’s claims to be ‘refugees’ needing sanctuary didn’t stand up to inspection?

But their tissue of lies having unravelled, they still get to stay in Germany?



Get this!

The three parties’ main political opponents, the conservative bloc of outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, have hit out at the plan, saying it is tantamount to giving up control of migration..

What arrant hypocrisy, from Mama Stasi’s mangy flock…



…who upheld her treasonous suspension of ‘border controls’ to let the 2015 crimmigrant tsunami!