Who IS This Cackling Klutz, Seth Meyers?

I know I could use Google Search but having just got home I prefer to collapse onto the sofa.

Having just removed various channels, the internet provider has imposed new and less interesting ones, including something called Rock Entertainment.

There seems to be little rock and less entertainment, the least entertaining surely ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers.’

I’m assuming some of my American readers have seen or heard of it?

Meyers cackles like a witch cooking kids in her cauldron, but it’s his rabid Left bigotry!

He just got stuck into President Trump and almost simultaneously had a rant against the GOP in general….

…pausing to echo Back-Stab Biden’s arrogant ‘get out of the way’ gabble, Meyers evidently incensed by the two Democrat senators who are unhappy at their party’s leftward stampede.

Why does this channel let a cadaverous klutz like Meyer churn out his prejudices?

How did he ever get his own show, given he is staggeringly unimpressive?