Warning To Warsaw – Don’t Trust Berlin!

I saw on the news ( not BBC, but RT, which is more reliable than UK Pravda) that the Germans are ready to organise ‘joint patrols’ on the border between Poland and the rogue state of Belarus.

Solidarity to keep out crimmigrants?

That would be great, and better if some of the illegal alien scum were shot whilst scaling border fences.

News footage showed us such arrogant incursions on yesterday’s 5pm bulletin (Jakarta time, 21/10/21)

But can the Germans be trusted to repel the rabble?

I don’t mean the average German cops, most of whom probably share their fellow-citizens’ dismay at the undesirable influx.

But Merkel is still Chancellor, and her hatred of Poland’s sovereignty is infamous.



And her nasty preachy CDU protege, Kaiserin Ursula of the Fourth Reich…



..has had her skunky Euro-Commissars shrilling for some time now against border defenders who push back invaders.

Kaiserin’s Red Commissar Ylva Yelps At Border Defenders… 

Better the Polish Government calls for local volunteers.

If pinko rats, of which Poland, like every country, has a few…

Aiding And Abetting illegals! 

…are vetted out, I’m sure there are many Polish stand-up patriots, especially if equipped with fire-arms, who would get stuck into trespassers VERY effectively.