Evil Ursula – Treasonous, Heartless And…?

Oh, and I should have said ‘Lying’ too.

Rarely in history can there have been a potentate so pusillanimous when called upon by beleaguered subjects to defend them from incursions by alien primitives.



“I was very clear that there is a longstanding view in the European Commission and in the European parliament that there will be no funding of barbed wire and walls.”

But not to worry!

She’s going to..

 …keep up the pressure on the Lukashenko regime.”

And  her indifference to the many victims of predatory aliens was echoed by Xavier Bettel…


  • Xavier Bettel

..Luxembourg’s pathetic prime minister, whose mincing malevolence towards any serious effort to secure borders clearly  matches his bitchiness towards Brexit…

…as we noted at the time, describing him accurately as ‘that rude queer Bettel.’

I’d be ashamed to see a fence with a sign ‘Financed by the EU’ on it,” he said.

He wants the swine imported in an orderly manner, he says, because…

“…these people are not being treated adequately, also by various European countries. An orderly migration must remain possible. We need to find the right balance.. “


An ‘orderly migration?’

What the targetted countries are crying out for is orderly and speedy deportations!



The lousy Luxemburger squirt’s indifference to the risks faced by women and girls in Europe…



….when their communities become infested by crimmigrant predators, is probably more to do with his leftist ideology than his homosexuality…



..though he needs to be reminded that some of the ‘migrant’ savages are at least as likely to molest male as well as female innocents.



Yes, both The Kaiserin and the Queer are heartless and treasonous in their adamant hostility to securing Europe’s borders.

But the ‘lying’ of which Ursula deserves to be accused?

She was on the news blabbering about the illegal aliens in that Belarus border zone.

She was trying to kid the public, saying –

‘We must help them!’ – because they are ‘victims!’

Anyone who helps them is a damn fool.

They are NOT ‘victims!’

They spent their own money to fly to Belarus, scheming from the get-go to use Belarus as a launch pad…



…an illicit base to invade Poland and Lithuania.

They are crimmigrants.

Hammer them!