At UN HQ, TransFreaks Plan Tyranny!

It’s United Nations Day, nothing to celebrate, you may say!

And you’d be quite right.

But read on, please.

Readers appalled at the vicious character of so many transfreaks, as revealed at Britain’s Sussex University…

Menaced By Trans-Freaks! Buy Her Book!

… and by the stench of cover-up emanating fron Loudon County, in Virginia…



…may find this report more than interesting.

The UN and gender ideology: Laying down a paper trail to be used by activists in the years ahead

How many of you were even aware of the ‘ominous development? 

The UN Secretary General put forward a new report to the General Assembly calling for…

Guess what?



…“criminal penalties against anyone who criticizes gender theory, sexual orientation, gender identity, and even sex-ed.”