Spain – Expat Hack Attacks Vox Patriots

Beware of the far right! 

Who’s the leftist hack Humphrey Carter, apparently located in Palma, who has that ranting slogan at the top of his page?

And why does he think that, as an expat presumably enjoying life in sunny Spain, he’s entitled to stick his nose into Spanish politics, snarling at Vox…


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Viva Vox – Despite Red Thuggery And Slack Policing, Patriot Party Surging? 

…which we have often cheered on.

Surely most normal people should applaud the news that –

Spain’s far right Vox party has launched an international anti-communist alliance

Bravo, if Vox is cooperating with other patriots in other countries!

Comrade Humphrey, on the other hand, is no friend to freedoms, at least not freedom of speech.

He is terribly troubled, not by the vicious Big Tech censorship of President Trump…



…but by the fact that Trump is fighting back against suppression.

Referring to The Donald’s new social media platform ‘which will not only enable him to bypass his Twitter and Facebook bans but also post videos and live streams, ‘ this censorious pinko starts bitching at Apple…

..which ‘is apparently already offering the Trump app for sale..

Comrade Expat evidently thinks, “Apple would have had more sense…’

Carter’s political BS is not very coherent…

No photo description available.


…but I did try to learn more about this Anglophone leftist who gets to vent his partisan prejudices in something called the Majorca Daily Bulletin.

Perhaps I am misjudging his nationality – has he taken up Spanish citizenship?

However, unlike Carter, I am content to leave it to Spaniards.

+34 971 78 84 00

They can ring him up, ask him to explain his outburst.