“No Whites, Thanks – We’re BBC!”

Brits should be grateful to The Times for the revelatory report which has left the BBC’s rancid racism exposed for all to see.



NB – this is a follow-up to the post an hour or so ago- ‘Black Power’ Play At BBC?  – so maybe read that first if you missed it.

So horrified were the BLM addicts at UK Pravda, at the thought of a White Brit getting a top job in what they like to call their ‘news’ section…



…that they cast their own rules to the wind to prevent such a heinous outcome.

The BBC was so keen on a black candidate for an important news role that it secretly extended the application deadline so he could put himself forward for the position.



No point in me going through the whole vile discriminatory saga, but suffice to say the nasty in the woodpile seems to have been not so much Marcus Ryder, who only seized an unfair opportunity, but a senior slug who stuck his nose in.


The fix was in, after “informal talks with Jamie Angus, the BBC senior controller of news output and commissioning… “

These BBC leftist fanatics are quite clearly out of control.

Ryder should be put at the back of the queue, behind all the other candidates who were conscientious enough to get their applications in on time!

And Angus ehould be given a boot up his sleazy ass and sent to the nearest JobCentre.