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    Angry At UK’s X-Stinkos? USA’s ‘Climate’ Nazis Are Worse!

    The anti-social ‘climate’ louts are still hell-bent on tormenting decent Brits


    52 protesters arrested as Insulate Britain blocks roads again

    Insulate Britain activists are blocking traffic on three busy intersections in the City of London.

    Climate scum do all in their power to make life hell for decent folk who want to work!

    But if you think it’s bad in Britain (and yes, it is – the swine deserve a series of sound thrashings!) check out what decent Americans are faced with -.

    Remember that legalice clown that Obama wanted to elevate to America’s top court?

    Garland Fails to Explain Why Leftists Get Away with Attacking Police and Federal Buildings
    Back-Stab Biden, the senescent subversive currently occupying the White House, appointed Judge Merrick ‘Garbage’ Garland as his Attorney General.
    He rose to notoriety recently in connection with parents being smeared as domestic terrorists for fighting back against indoctrination of their kids.

    Now, faced with massive leftwing ACTUAL terrorism, the dork won’t even discuss the problem.

    Obviously the BBC has been hushing up the insurrection which took place….



    “Multiple injuries were sustained by security personnel, and one officer has been transported to a nearby hospital.

    Medics representing both the Department and the protesters were present,” Interior Department spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said in a statement.

    “Interior Department leadership believes strongly in respecting and upholding the right to free speech and peaceful protest. Centering the voices of lawful protesters is and will continue to be an important foundation of our democracy,” her statement continued.

    “It is also our obligation to keep everyone safe. We will continue to do everything we can to de-escalate the situation while honoring first amendment rights.”

    That’s Biden’s minion.

    And NB, not a word of condemnation of the left scum who ran amok!

    Note too, the absence of the word ‘insurrection.’

    At least the US media, including the leftist Washington Post, reported it, though again, WaPo hacks used the very neutral term “clash” –

    – as if there were any moral equivalence between officers doing their duty and vicious red nazi hoodlums.

    Police and climate activists clashed Thursday during protests at the Interior Department, with security personnel sustaining “multiple injuries” and one officer being taken to a hospital, agency spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said.

    Climate demonstrators were attempting to occupy the Interior Department, with dozens entering the Stewart Lee Udall Main Interior Building on C Street NW. Those who remained outside clashed with police as they tried to keep the one unlocked door open. At times, protesters attempted to push past the police line.

    The protesters were here for People vs. Fossil Fuels, five days of demonstrations by a coalition of groups known as Build Back Fossil Free that has included Indigenous leaders from across the country. The coalition’s name is a nod to President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda.

    Oh, they were advocating for Biden’s climate agenda, were they?

    Does that mean Biden incited the insurrection?

    Will he face impeachment?

    Perhaps an October 14 Commission should be established and Joe Biden’s supporters should be rounded up by the Feds?

    But, no, none of that will happen.

    Sauce for the climate terror gang goose tastes nothing like that dished out….

    …to rhe pro-Trump protesting gander.

    Chances are that most people in the UK don’t even know about the mob that broke into the Department of the Interior, or that people were hurt in the name of Biden’s climate agenda.

    This mob will not be criticized as an “attack on our democracy.”


    For more coverage, read this link.


    • Christy K 22:51 on October 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for letting more people know about this.
      It shows how badly America is deteriorating under Biden , or whoever is pulling his strings.



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