The Good Folks Need To Be ORGANISED!

When you hear pinko creeps say a debate needs to be ‘respectful,’ you know their rainbow-hued knickers are in a twist.

Nobody should ‘respect’ what the woke-weasels have done to the National Trust!



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.Contact Restore Trust and help –

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But what the patriots in Restore Trust DO need to be is ORGANISED.

Which, as the Guardian gleefully reports, does not seem to be the case.

A retired conservationist who was named by an ‘anti-woke’ insurgent group as a candidate it was backing for the coming National Trust elections says he was never consulted by the campaigners and is at odds with them.

This is cause for dismay, not only to the disgruntled wokeroo but to the many good people hoping to win the seats up for election.

In truth, even had the good folks won all six seats up this year, that represents only a third of the eighteen which members have the right to elect.

So another two annual battles are still to be fought!


…as I pointed out last week, the National Trust takes its members’ money but only lets them choose HALF of the 36 seats.

The UK Government cannot continue to ignore this undemocratic situation.

The law ought to be changed to force democracy on the NT.