Free Kyle Rittenhouse! Update!

I did remark earlier this month that all those judge vacancies Trump managed to fill…


A Blow Struck Against Arrogance


…may be having a healthy effect, and more good news keeps coming.

The latest concerned brave young Kyle Rittenhouse, a good caring citizen…


Kyle did nothing wrong,” attorney John Pierce of Pierce Bainbridge wrote. “He exercised his God-given, Constitutional, common law and statutory law right to self-defense.


….who found himself menaced by hoodlums during the BLM riots.

As the BBC has all but buried the story of his prosecution..

The Rittenhouse Video BBC Won’t Show You 

……… was reassuring  to read that the judge in Kyle’s trial has ruled that the leftist thugs he shot In self-defence cannot be referred to as ‘victims.’

They can, however, be identified as part of the horde of trouble-makers- ‘rioters and arsonists ‘ – who were on the streets with malign intent.

I quote from RT.
All three shootings were captured on video.
Rittenhouse first shot Rosenbaum, who appeared to lunge at him, then fled a mob of protesters that gathered around the scene.
He tripped and fell and was attacked by Huber, who attempted to take his gun.
Rittenhouse shot Huber in the chest, and then shot Grosskreutz in the arm, who was seen on video holding a pistol.

It’s a damn shame there weren’t more decent young patriots like Kyle who were prepared to fight back…



…against the BLM and Red Nazi Antifa scum who ran amok.

Free Kyle..

And give him a Medal of Freedom.