How To Lose Friends At Hallowe’en!


Happy Hallowe’en!



When I was a kid, it was my fave night of the year.

I liked best the usual disguises, ghosts (easiest, only white sheet needed!) and witches…


Couldn’t match this witch for scariness!

…but one year I dressed up as a Red Indian, a chief, naturally, full feather war bonnet –

– purchased from Woolworths, methinks.

Now get this pinko creepery from an Idaho newspaper (didn’t Idaho used to be a sensible state?)

It’s a wokerine, Camyll Reyes, offering ‘guidelines’  – avoiding altering skin color, researching your costume and holding friends accountable…



Undermine the accuracy of your costume by skipping easy and helpful touches like skin-dye, but contradictorily spend ages on ‘research’ – for a fun party, for Pete’s sake!



But also start scolding your pals?

Holding friends accountable?’

Wouldn’t you hate to have friends like Reyes, killjoy nags, crossing the room at a party to shrill at you to go home and get changed to ensure…

…your costume does not normalize oppressing a specific culture.