Jackboot In Glasgow – UN Bans Dissenting Media!

I have no intention of writing much more about the Glasgow Panic-Prattler-Fest, after that one side-long glance….

Braveheart? Scots Surrender Largest City! 

…but since the United Nations have donned their jackboots…



…and banned Rebel News – because it doesn’t match the lick-spittle approach of the Lugenpresse…

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….I feel it’s only fair to show a bit of solidarity!

Hence the report below, and my inclusion of their appeal for funds to continue their honest reporting.


Something tells me our world “leaders” don’t buy into the climate “emergency” narrative all that much, either. 

My proof? 

On Sunday, I arrived in Glasgow for the COP26 United Nations Climate Conference.  

I flew economy via EasyJet. Our world leaders, however, had the luxury of flying private jets and are being driven around in gas-guzzling Land Rovers with their multi-car motorcades. 

But that’s just the start. 

To hear more about the hypocrisy I witnessed at this climate conference, just click here.

On the ground at COP26: The UN's climate hypocrisy convention is underway

Rebel News should have been inside the conference yesterday, but the UN banned us from attending. 

It’s pretty easy to work out why we were not allowed in.

We are the only news organization covering the event that asks difficult questions. And we are the only ones willing to point out the hypocrisy of the elites at this conference who pad their pockets at our expense while making our lives more restrictive and expensive with their virtue-signalling climate policies. 

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