Yes, Virginia, There IS Hope….

With the results coming out encouragingly, especially in Virginia….


Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin

Republican Glenn Youngkin has defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the race for governor in Virginia

.. it’s important to note BBC Lefty Lucy Hosking’s choice of Michael Pope to ‘inform’ viewers on the issues that were important to voters.

That was yesterday, at about 6.15pm Jakarta time, when Pope declared that the Republicans had ‘maximised’ what he called ‘the anti-racism training’ issue.

While the idea of ‘anti-racist training’ is itself fairly abhorrent…



…it was an unusual way to describe what the Republicans and thousands of patriotic parents have very clearly denounced, not as ‘anti-racism training,’  but as CRT….

….the poisonous ‘critical race theory’ which is all about dividing America with race hate.

A cultural marxist variant…



…it seeks to inculcate guilt in young Whites and resentment in young Blacks.

So it’s anything but anti-racist. Quite the opposite!

However, what was most intriguing, over the pre-election weeks, was the persistence by various media hacks, when Youngkin’s pledge to ban CRT from Virginia schools was mentioned…



… in yammering that ‘CRT is not taught in Virginia schools.’

That’s probably untrue, given how far-left ‘teachers’ have no moral scruples….

Let Them Die!’ Pro-Brain-Wash Hate-Bitch Steps Down 

…..about using any means to poison young minds.

But even were it true, why, for Pete’s sake, wouldn’t Youngkin promise to ban any kind of evil from class-rooms?