Again, Tell Mexico To Shoot The Savages!

You may have seen the outrageous violence unleashed on Mexican security forces….

Violent clashes erupt as Mexico’s National Guard confronts US-bound migrants (VIDEOS)

…. by vicious crimmigrant savages.

Reports say that the Mexican National Guard personnel were pushed back by the undesirable aliens, who were using rocks and hefty clubs to batter the men in uniform.



Why did the officers not use the fire-arms with which all should have been equipped? .

This isn’t the first time we’ve noted the barbarous character of the illegals intent on gate-crashing the USA to leech off American tax-payers…

Mexico – Tell The Cops To Open Fire On Undesirable Aliens! 

Migrants clash with police in Mexco |


….and the invaders seem to resemble the brutes in Calais…

On BBC! ‘Migrants Very Aggressive

…plotting similar lawless transgressions against British borders!

How many times will Mexico allow its men to be humiliated atthe hands of undesirable aliens?