Only 'Recognised' Media, Nadine?

We have been giving Nadine Dorries time to settle in, hoping that her nauseating u-turn on maladjust ‘marriage…’…

Another Patelian U-Turner? Don’t Trust Dorries! 


Nadine Dorries MP


…might have been a regrettable glitch, because she does make sensible noises from time to time…

Johnson slaps down new Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries for saying the BBC might not EXIST in a decade with PM claiming the ‘great institution’ will exist ‘for a long time to come

That episode usefully showed what a woke-weasel Jellyfish Johnson really is.

But the news this week, that she ‘could stop social media firms taking down stories by recognised news outlets…’

 …is surely not as welcome as some people seem to think!

True, it comes ‘after MailOnline and other British publishers accused Google of using ‘woke’ algorithms to bury and downgrade their original content while bumping up stories from organisations they are more sympathetic to… ‘

I don’t doubt it!

Google, and its appendage, You Tube, are notorious hot-beds of left-bigotry and censorship.

Google’s YouTube Promotes Race-Hate – BBC Censors Story! 

Candace Calls Out YouTube Geekstapo!

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And if this bias can be pushed back by UK legislation, okay…

BUT… that word, ‘RECOGNISED..?’

Recognised by whom?

In Canada, for example, media that earns the disapproval of the political ruling class have been subjected to vicious discrimination…

Turdo’s Jackboot Comes Unstuck! 

…which was only remedied by going to law.

We saw NZ’s Ardern scuttling off sharpish a week ago when questions were asked, at her ‘press conference,’ by somebody ‘unaccredited.’

New Kiwi Dance – The Ardern Scuttle?

And only this month, in Glasgow, the United Nations itself declared war on press freedom.


Jackboot In Glasgow – UN Bans Dissenting Media! 

If the UN, or Big Tech or in-crowd politicos are allowed to dictate which media get rights and which don’t, there’s no level playing field.

And for Pete’s sake don’t expect OfCom to be of any help!

Reminder – Why OfCom Needs Gutted! 

OfCom, As Un-Elected As Judges, Move Against Farage 

Watch out, and be prepared to write to your MP – if he or she is worth writing to!