DW, Cowering From Red Reality?

I haven’t bashed DW for a while but on Friday, just before 2pm…

…Jakarta time, their ‘Focus on Europe’ went to Kaliningrad.

That’s the old German city of Königsberg, seized by the Red Army in 1945.

Königsberg Castle, c. 1900, now long gone, according to DW.

Many of its historic architectural glories have been devastated, not just by war but by Soviet vandalism.

Its German population was mercilessly driven out and replaced by Russians.

The DW presenter, Liz Shoo, began by telling us..

Elizabeth Shoo

..that the programme dwelt on the effects of  ‘the collapse of the world’s largest socialist state!’

Well now.

Describing the USSR as ‘socialist’ is more than just a bit odd.

The Reds liked to call it that – ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ – but nobody in the Free World ever did, except wannabe quislings like those in Britain…



…the CPGB and its servile rag, the Morning Star.

We normal folks called the Kremlin’s slave state COMMUNIST.



Because it was, its various  peoples held in subjection by the Communist Party.

So how come Liz Shoo got handed such a dissimulative script?