Slap The Brats Down? Yes, And Their ‘Teachers’ Too!

Slap The Brats Down?

Not only my headline, but an affirmative response to what’s been said by a few academics…


Academics warn universities should stop pandering to students who must be told to ‘accept academic freedoms or LEAVE’

Good – kick the swine out!

But what about the ‘grown-ups’ – tiny minds in big bodies – the “teachers,” that mangy red rat-pack aka the UCU, whom we have noticed before!

Universities union backs trans rights over threatened Sussex professor Kathleen Stock | News | The Times


…the UCU’s Sussex branch said that Professor Adam Tickell, the head of the university, had not upheld the dignity and respect of trans students and staff last week when he issued a statement supporting Stock and defending freedom of speech.

Freakos V Freedom? ‘Teachers’ Make Their Choice! 

We might have hoped that only the Sussex branch of the UCU was infected and/or infested with freaks and freak fans.

You might wish to ask them!

But, methinks, the disease is not isolated in Sussex.

The Times


And who were the signatories to that obnoxious epistle?

….LGBT staff and student groups, as well as by the Leeds branch of the University and College Union (UCU)…

The Secretary of State for Education should exclude that sicko union from all negotiating rights –

– unless and until they expel the gaystapo garbage who put their names to the deviant diktat.