More Good Parents Fight Back – And Win!

After our cheerful salute to the school board heroes in Denver…

Denver – The Parents Strike Back!

.. we are getting equally glad tidings of doughty defenders of real education from all over the place.

We wrote last month about the 1776 Project PAC….

Cleansing School Board Scum! Resistance Rising!

….and they report that ‘as of Wednesday, 44 of the 58 candidates it endorsed have either won or are leading in their school board races ‘.


British parents need to pay attention to these exemplary Americans.



In most UK schools, as far as I know, there are places reserved for parent governors.

Mums and Dads who care about their kids should do all they can to get onto school governing bodies…

…and monitor activity to ensure CRT  – and other anti-social poison…

Beware! ‘Far Worse Than Parents Realize!’

….is kept out of class-rooms.