Stop Shopping At Pro-Freak M&S!

The Sun helpfully gives us good reason to buy our clothes and accessories anywhere but M&S.


A Marks and Spencer store

I haven’t shopped in what we used to call Marks and Sparks for years, nor shall I again if I can possibly help it.

If my memory serves me well, Ladies clothing was usually on the ground floor, Gents upstairs.


The Pride Resource Center at Colorado State University has deemed the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” one of many “transphobic phrases” that should not be used by students


Or, like the sickos at CSU hope, perhaps they will abolish such obsolete distinctions, or add another ( very low) level for Things.

At this point, I half-expect my satirical suggestion has already been implemented!

I say that because M&S are equipping their staff with badges, so ‘customers know whether to call them “he”, “she” or “they”.”


Reading on, it seems these sicko moves were dreamed up by deviancy, sorry, ‘diversity managers…as part of a gender inclusivity drive.

Let’s all send emails to the shameless ‘M&S Food PR manager David Parke…

David Parke
David Parke

…who inexplicably boasts that ‘the tags have helped employees to speak openly about gender identity.’


Oops, not inexplicable after all!

He has previously served as ‘Director of Communications’ with the queers’ so-called ‘Pride’ events.


In other words, weirdo women purporting to be men can now witter on and on about their sad delusions…



…as can revolting men wearing high heels and caked with make-up.



Will they have time between lying about their sex to serve customers?

The gaystapo gang Stonewall, that ‘charity’ we have written about recently..

Queers Day Question – Will Bojo Copy Turdo’s Freak ‘Ban Plan?’ .

Sackur’s Sordid Pro-Pervert Bias! 

……is delighted, one of their spokes-things observing –

“Having pronouns on badges is a simple yet impactful way to make sure LGBTQ+ identities are respected — for employees and customers alike.”

Why should lies be respected?