BBC’s Lefty Lucy, Pro-Crimmigrant Ranter!

Did anyone else see that near-hysterical performance by the, BBC’s leftist shrew Lucy Hockings, whom we’ve noticed before… 

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…on UK Pravda’s ‘world news’ 7pm Jakarta time.



Horrid Hockings had a Lithuanian minister as her guest.

Lithuania, like Poland, is facing serious assaults on its borders by crimmigrant hordes, and like Poland is taking serious steps to resist the invasion.


Political Map of Lithuania


You might think ( if you were unaware of Lefty Lucy’s record!) that the chat would be focused on how to keep the malevolent mobs from breaking through.



After all, the undesirables have little interest in Lithuania, except as a brief parasite-stop.

Their targets are Germany and Sweden, the Benelux nations, and don’t forget France…



…,a handy Macron-polished springboard to get their snouts into the UK tax-trough.

Yet this woman belaboured the polite man with ranting questions about the ‘rights’ of gate-crashers!

True, she isn’t British born, being a Kiwi, but her huge salary comes from British people coerced into the license tax.

Neither is she stupid.

She knows very well that the rabble on Lithuania’s border, who, she said, were ‘desperate,’ are there of their own choice.

They paid huge sums to get there.

They flew into Belarus intent on violating the land borders of neighbouring nations.

They are desperate, indeed.



They are desperate to trespass, and to get their arrogant snouts into other people’s pockets.

Hockings showed no interest in encouraging the brave defenders to drive the devils back.