Evil Ursula’s Bogus Borders Solidarity!

BBC at 9am today ( Jakarta time) had a whiney tone, their hack complaining that the “Polish authorities do not want us to see for ourselves! “

Smart Poles!

No bloody wonder they’re keeping rhe notoriously pro-crimmigrant UK Pravda’s hacks away.



I had to compare the wisdom of Warsaw with its Baltic near neighbour, when BBC’s Kirsty Wark asked the Lithuanian PM about terrorist gang members being reported on that border..

It’s entirely to be expected, going on recent history.


Gambar terkait

Phoney ‘Refugees’ And Phones– Calling All Crimmigrants?  

Sure, the Lithuanian admitted, one had to be concerned – but then she began to witter about poor ‘LGBT’ aliens!



Is that what Lithuania needs, queer Arabs mincing down the streets of Vilnius?

But we know that the ‘supportive’ noises coming out of Brussels, Kaiserin Ursula’s cr-p, are specious hogwash.

She only a week or so ago refused point-blank to offer ANY help for Poland…

Evil Ursula – Treasonous, Heartless And…? 


“I was very clear that there is a longstanding view in the European Commission and in the European parliament that there will be no funding of barbed wire and walls.”

….with serious, effective barriers against undesirable incursions…

. . .

mine field in the desert - 501336
– though mine-fields might work! – .

Kaiserin, you should put up or shut up.

We know too that the rotten media are on the side of the enemy.

The BBC is relentlessly trying to turn the aggressive horde into objects of sympathy, despite itself reporting lawless vandalism on the part of the primitives.

As we said a day or so ago, those crimmigrants are the authors of every misfortune that befalls them!

‘They cashed up, bought tickets to Belarus and from the get-go were planning to gate-crash Poland.’

Yes, I’m repeating what I said before, because the BBC will be playing the same sell-out symphony over and over again in the days ahead, and we MUST all of us unite to drown it out.


Send the b-stards back!