Chega’s Big Chance – Hope For Portugal?

Only a week or so after we wrote about Portugal’s patriot party….

Good News From Portugal! Chega OK!

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…here we are again, along with a seemingly grumpy academic’s comments!

  1. First, the news that there’s to be a general election.
    Then the better news, that –
    Analysts agree that the far-right Chega party stands to secure several seats in new elections.
    …and could emerge as third-strongest party in elections

    Then the BBC runs us through some background…

    Chega won its first seat in 2019 and campaigns on an anti-corruption platform but also against alleged misdeeds of minority groups such as Roma.

    Excellent reasons to hope they win big!

    Big enough, even, that…

    …other right-of-centre politicians could soon be forced to decide whether to do deals with the party.

    Let’s hope some people in those parties have the sense to work with forthright patriots!


    What’s this…?

    Chega is bound to get more votes,” said Prof Coutinho. “In that case, the president is responsible.”

    Sounds like he’s blaming that president, rather than praising him!

    Or am I misreading the professor’s mood.

    Perhaps one of our handful of readers in Portugal can clarify?