Hirsi Ali? Professor Stock’s In Good Company!

Great to see the persecuted professor landing a new job in Texas.

Happy Landings!

Ms Stock, a philosophy professor, will be joining former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss and “several other stellar individuals” including fellow academic Peter Boghossian and campaigner Ayaan Hirsi Ali


I know nothing about Bari Weiss, or Mr. Boghossian, and I think it’s fair to say I’ve got areas of disagreement with Kathleen Stock, but..

Evil Freaks Claim A Fresh Victim. 

…. she is entitled to free speech…

…something rare in academia these days.

But most encouraging is the fact that Hirsi Ali will be a colleague of hers.


Hirsi Ali Talks Sense, As Usual! 

We have written about that brave lady before, how she has…

  • …been a target, not only of vicious Islamist threats, but of grubby abuse from fanatic scum like Linda Sarsour…


Linda Sarsour

Act Against Sarsour! 

…and infantile sniping from leftist ‘feminists’ – like Indonesia’s Julia Suryakusuma, a ‘feminist’ who also boasted how she ‘despises’ Britain’s greatest Prime Minister, BTW!

An Unspeakable Woman – And An Unspeakable Newspaper! 


So for sure Hirsi Ali’s one outstanding woman, whose merits are proven by the rotten calibre of those who have traduced her!

Kathleen Stock should enjoy working with that fine lady.