German Leftist – ‘Divert Illegals To Ukraine!

We are well aware of the unwholesome elements that the permeate the German Socialist Party (SPD).

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But rank rubbish like the outburst from one of their Bundestag MPs, Nils Schmid, rather expands the scope for alarm, or derision.

Herr Dummkopf has called for the primitive horde threatening Poland…

Evil Ursula’s Bogus Borders Solidarity! 

…to be diverted to Ukraine! would be possible to agree with Kiev on the temporary admission of refugees..’ 


That’s to be for as long as it takes to process ‘asylum’ applications.

Nutty Nils has a deceptively appealing argument..

“This way we can make it clear that not every migrant will automatically enter the European Union,” Schmid said.

But we all know how readily Mama Stasi Merkel’s regime has deported failed ‘asylumers.’

Mostly they remain in Germany…

If They Were Your Daughters? Merkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

Schmid’s suggestion falls not far short of designating the personal safety of female Ukrainians as a matter of indifference.

But then he IS a leftist, who has, the DW report confirms, criticized Poland’s treatment of migrants who are trying to illegally enter the country.. 



SPD proposes to send migrants from Belarus to Ukraine | News from Germany about Germany | DW