Sleepy Joe Barnier?

I would be denying my readers cause for much merriment….

…were I not to let them know that Brexit-Basher Barnier has been likened to the doddering buffoon temporarily occupying the White House.

And NOT by his detractors!

Get this, from France24.

Supporters had promoted the 70-year-old as a possible “French Joe Biden…


With friends like that…but are his ‘supporters’ totally myopic, blind to the absolute unreality of the description of Back-Stab Biden adduced to justify their support?

…a moderate, grey-haired statesman capable of uniting his divided political family… ‘

I take it they don’t read any American news, left, right or centre?

As we said recently, Barnier is a hypocrite, a classic example of a fake-conservative…..

Extreme Right?’ On BBC, Barnier Smears Farage! 

..and this truth was highlighted at a debate with all the would-be presidential candidates of his Les Republicains party.

Barnier, Michel-9568.jpg

I am progressing every day in polls.” Oh yeah?

Under intense scrutiny over his so-called ‘proposal for a moratorium on immigration…’

…Barnier came clean!

(admittedly a comparative term in any country’s political class!)

The old stoat was obliged to admit that his ‘moratorium’ did not involve even a temporary stop to the alien influx.

Au contraire, the moratorium ‘would mean merely reductions in the number of visas granted to foreigners, rather than zero immigration.’

My friends are pretending to not understand my moratorium,” he complained.

My French language skills are poor, but ‘moratorium’ is a Latin word, so the definition ought to be identical in French and English.

Essential Meaning of moratorium

a time when a particular activity is not allowed  – Merriam Webster Dictionary

It ain’t just his friends, and it ain’t just pretending.

He doesn’t know the meaning of his own words.